4 Infamous Canadian Homes Used In Movies

Canada has been the backdrop for a wide variety of films over the years. From the sweeping landscapes of the Rocky Mountains to the rugged coastlines of the Maritimes, Canada has provided a beautiful setting for many memorable films. While the scenery is certainly breathtaking, some of the most iconic scenes have been shot inside some of Canada’s most infamous homes. 

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Cranfield House (IT)

The movie It by Stephen King was filmed in a 120-year old home located in Toronto. Known as Cranfield House, it was built in 1902 with Edwardian architecture that made it the perfect setting for this scary movie.

73 Glenwood Crescent (My Big Fat Greek Wedding)

The house featured in both My Big Fat Greek Wedding and its sequel is located in Toronto in a quaint neighbourhood. The house sold in 2021 for about $2 million, and its wonderful architectural details that are well-known in the movie are still intact.

11 High Point Road (Mean Girls)

The Toronto mansion where the 2004 teen comedy Mean Girls was filmed went on the market this past summer for $27 million. Located in the exclusive Bridle Path neighbourhood, this mansion is huge and still features its most recognizable feature from the movie: its stone exterior and columns.

1938 W 19th Avenue, Vancouver, BC (Happy Gilmore)

The house where Happy Gilmore was filmed is right in the middle of Vancouver. Located in the Shaughnessy area which is one of the most expensive neighbourhoods, this home is known for its beauty and for being close to other places in the film.


These four homes are just a few of the iconic Canadian locations featured in some of the most memorable movies of all time. You can find some of these homes for sale, and Certainli Realty can help. We offer off-market listings throughout Ontario. Get in touch today.

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