4 Strange Real Estate Facts in Canada

Canada is one of the most sought-after destinations for real estate investments, but it’s also a country full of unique and interesting facts about the real estate industry. Certainli Realty is an Ontario real estate brokerage that helps people buy and sell their homes. Here are four strange and interesting real estate facts about Canada. Contact us today!

A polar bear looking around

Churchill, Manitoba

Churchill, Manitoba, lies on the Hudson Bay in the far north of the province of Manitoba. This very small town is known for the number of polar bears that inhabit it. In fact, no one locks their doors in Churchill, Manitoba, so that people can quickly enter a home to escape a potential polar bear attack.

The U.S. and Canada border by Niagara Falls

Canadians Are Closer to the U.S. Than You Think

Did you know? Almost 90% of Canadians live within 160 kilometers of the U.S. border. This is mainly weather related, as Northern Canada is significantly colder than the United States. However, most of Canada’s economy is closely tied to the U.S.’s, which plays a role as well.

A professional painter painting a garage door

Against the Color Purple

Another strange real estate fact from Certainli Realty is that in Ottawa (Canada’s Capital), it is illegal to paint your garage door purple. No one really knows why this law was passed, but if you paint your garage door purple, you can face a fine.

A walking path in a city in Alberta, Canada

No Rats in Alberta

Alberta implemented a Rat Control Program that has completely eliminated rats from the province since 1950. In fact, experts say that Alberta is the largest inhabited area in the world that is rat-free. The program was to ensure the threat of plague did not arise and to protect crops.


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