4 Towns With Funny Names in Ontario

Ontario is full of charming towns, each with its own unique name. From the whimsical to the downright hilarious, these towns offer up plenty of fun stories and entertainment. Here are four of the funniest town names in Ontario. Contact Certainli Realty, a local real estate company in London, Ontario, today.

Misery Bay, ON

Misery Bay, Ontario, is a bay on Manitoulin Island. Its name comes from the early 1800s where ships with soldiers were docked one winter. It was so cold and uncomfortable with nothing but gloomy days that the name was given and stuck.

Balls Falls, ON

Balls Falls is a nature conservation area near Lincoln, Ontario. There was a pair of brothers, the Ball brothers, who originated from Germany who had a mill in the area. This area is full of wonderful trails and beautiful waterfalls that are popular with outdoor enthusiasts.

Dutton Dunwich, ON

Located on Lake Erie in Southwestern, Ontario, Dutton/Dunwich was formed when the village of Dutton and the township of Dunwich merged. It is a rural farming community that offers great areas to cycle, hike, and explore nature at your leisure.

Redditt, ON

Situated in Northwestern Ontario, Reddit is a small community on the MacFarlane River. The community was and still is a launching point for logging operations. Today, it’s a great place for outdoor enthusiasts who are looking to escape into nature.


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