The 4 Weirdest Homes in Ontario

Ontario is home to lots of unique individuals that love to express themselves in various ways. One less common approach for self-expression is to completely revamp your home in a unique way. As a leading real estate broker in Southwestern Ontario, we at Certainli Realty Inc. have run into some weird homes. We found these homes so intriguing that we would love to share them with you in the following blog. That said, whether you’re looking to buy or sell a home, weird or “normal”, get in touch with us today!

photo of half of a house

The Half House, 54 1/2 St. Patrick Street, Toronto, ON

If you had to choose to only live inside one half of your home, how would you split it? Would you choose to live on the bottom half, top half, or split it right down the middle? Well, this unique home was split completely in half, with the owners choosing to keep the left-sided portion! This odd-looking home will have you scratching your head in confusion!

photo of tiny house squished in between two normal houses

The Little House, 128 Day Ave, Toronto, ON

Built in 1912, this house is truly a trendsetter. The Little House was making great use of small spaces before it was cool! Nowadays, a lot of homeowners decide to add an additional dwelling unit to their backyard to rent it out across various rental services. Although, nothing compares to this tiny home, as it is exactly just that — a little house!

house with hundreds of dolls in front yard

The Doll House, Bertmount Ave, Leslieville, ON

If you are easily creeped out by dolls then you might want to avoid this one! The Doll House is famous for being filled to the brim with various dolls from TV shows, movies, and other cultural characters. The home’s yard is so full that you can barely see into the property, which might be exactly what the homeowners were going for!

abstract cube-shaped house

The Cube House, 1 Sumach St., Toronto, ON

To end our list of wacky homes comes arguably the most unique looking of them all — The Cube House. This property consists of a base structure, with three ginormous cubes sitting atop it. With a gorgeous interior that provides a grand amount of space, this is one home that we can definitely see ourselves living in!

If you have a unique-looking home that you want to sell, the team at Certainli Realty Inc. welcomes the challenge! But if normal homes are more your style, we are also here to put you into the best homes in Ontario. Contact us today or visit us online for more information!

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