The Top 4 Funniest Street Names in Ontario

As you drive around Ontario’s streets and look for the perfect place to call home, you may notice a few unique names pop up. While standard road and street names are commonly found all across Canada, there are some funny street names you’re certain to come across while looking into buying a home. Certainli Realty in London, ON has the real estate knowledge and expertise you need to acquire the home of your dreams and today we’re flexing some of that knowledge! Read on to discover a few weird real estate facts and some funny street names this area of Canada boasts.

Flex-O-Lite Road, St. Thomas, ON 

Instead of your run-of-the-mill Main Street or roads with a common surname, St. Thomas has a street with a  name that’s a little more unique: Flex-O-Lite Road. Not only does this funny street name feature a hyphenated name, but it’s also reminiscent of the popular colloquialism, “flexing.” While buying a home with Certainli Realty on this road may not be immediately available, it’s still great for a little drive!

Avenue Road, Toronto, ON

Another weird real estate fact Certainli Realty loves to share with our clients is the existence of Avenue Road in Toronto, ON. When it comes to funny street names, this one is notable because its full name consists of two popular suffixes — “Avenue” and “Road.” But hey, buying a home on a street with such a strange name gives you the chance to chuckle for years to come!

Monopoly Themed Streets – Amherstburg, ON

If you’ve ever played the board game “Monopoly,” you’ll likely be familiar with Boardwalk, Marvin Gardens, and St. James, among others. But what if we told you you could buy real estate on those streets in real life? This next weird real estate fact from Certainli Reality is that several roads in  Amherstburg, ON are named after the iconic ones in “Monopoly.”

Sesame Street, Toronto, ON

Do you know how to get to Sesame Street? As it turns out, all you have to do is visit Toronto, ON! Among the funny street names this area of Canada boasts is “Sesame Street,” reminiscent of the long-running popular children’s show!

Find your dream real estate property when buying a home with Certainli Realty! We’ll help you find the perfect house, and street name, to live out the best years of your life. Contact us today!