4 Ways To Find Off-Market Properties

Off-market properties are properties that are not advertised or listed on public markets and that can often offer a great investment opportunity. These properties are usually owned by banks, private lenders, or individuals who are looking to sell without the hassle of listing their property. Finding off-market properties requires a bit of research and legwork,…

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The 4 Weirdest Homes in Ontario

Ontario is home to lots of unique individuals that love to express themselves in various ways. One less common approach for self-expression is to completely revamp your home in a unique way. As a leading real estate broker in Southwestern Ontario, we at Certainli Realty Inc. have run into some weird homes. We found these…

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What Does a Brokerage Do?

There are major steps in life that involve the housing market, and whether you are looking to buy or sell a home, a brokerage is often a sought-after service. As a leading real estate broker in Southwestern Ontario, the team at Certainli Realty Inc. is here to help you make your home dreams come true.…

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