Brent Simpson

Years of experience:
7 years

Spoken Languages:

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Brent Simpson


Brent took the time and was very patient with us to find out what house and neighborhood we were interested in. He definitely knows what he is doing as he also got us the price we wanted.

We were very impressed with Brent in making sure we were happy, and he met our needs with the price and closing date of the sale.

I was super happy with Brent’s expertise and getting me an amazing price. I would definitely recommend to anyone who need to sell their property.


Brent was born and raised in Hamilton and loves working in his community. His in-depth knowledge of the city and surrounding area helps him guide  his clients through the purchase or sale of their home making wise financial decisions to build their net worth while making sure they achieve their goals. In his spare time he likes to stay active and you can find him on the golf course or softball diamond. You’ll also find him exploring the city with his lovely wife and dog.

Most recent sales

87 Kenilworth Ave S, Hamilton ON

14 Brucedale Avenue E #10, Hamilton ON

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