Jazz Awadh

Years of experience:
10 years

Spoken Languages:
English, Tagalog, Arabic (Minor)

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Jazz Awadh


Aini Wenkwok

My house sold with Dan Gemus Team Sales Representative Fadi Al-Dandachi within 3 weeks of  deciding to list.  I am so happy!  Fadi was able to guide me through the process and was a great advocate for me.  I feel like I’ve found another big brother.   He is a sincere,  professional and dedicated advocate and I’m so glad I made the right choice in getting results.  Thank you Fadi and thank you Dan Gemus Real Estate Team!

Mons Dela Cruz

We worked with Jazz Awadh and a day after our property was posted we have multiple viewings and after a week we got and accepted an offer! Jazz was very professional and thorough, he help us on getting our property staged, kept us in the loop of what the next steps are, very engaged and focused. He brings in transparency, integrity, strategy and wealth of experience in every conversation. Jazz is a pleasure to work with!


Jazz’s passion for real estate ignited at a young age. At eighteen, he made his inaugural real estate investment by purchasing his first home in London. Witnessing the soaring rental costs firsthand, Jazz recognized an opportunity and acquired a 4-bedroom ranch near the university, offering affordable accommodations to his peers. This venture marked the inception of Jazz’s robust real estate portfolio, spanning from London to Toronto in Ontario and extending to other provinces, notably Alberta.

With a decade-long tenure as a realtor, Jazz has facilitated transactions exceeding $120+ million, predominantly in Toronto. His expertise lies in resale, preconstruction, and investment analysis. Returning to his roots in London, Jazz eagerly lends his experience to assist clients in finding their ideal homes or investment opportunities, promising patience, dedication, and a warm smile throughout the process.

During his leisure time, Jazz relishes moments with his cherished family—his two young children and his beloved wife, Lisa. He frequents his CrossFit gym, reveling in the challenge of lifting weights, and harbors hopes of honing his golf skills to a respectable level in his lifetime.

Most recent sales

292 BLUE FOREST Place, London ON

302-1030 Coronation Dr, London ON

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